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Markets Covered:

Bellon Sales Associates markets and sells products to the entire foodservice trade - institutional and retail, the janitorial and sanitation trades, the safety trade, and the retail party goods supply industry.

Office Facilities:

Bellon Sales Associates has full time office staff centrally located in Indianapolis that cover all facets of distributor and end user customer service functions for our specific markets and is available from 9a – 5p, Monday through Friday.  Our offices are fully modernized and computerized.  We custom-tailor our office to enhance production by putting all relevant information accessible, often by the stroke of a finger.  We also offer a toll free number that our customers may call us on from anywhere in the United States as well as direct e-mail access.  From our web servers, the distributor and end user alike may access mega bites of stored product data that is accessible both by category/product as well as by manufacturer.  This has proven to be invaluable to the distribution sales force to quickly answer that end user question “on the spot”!  This leads to additional sales and market gains for both the distributor as well as the manufacturer.


Limited warehousing is available.  We would entertain warehousing possibilities only with the right company under mutually beneficial circumstances.  For more information, inquire!

Sales Forecasts & Market Surveys:

We provide sales forecasts by request for any applicable market segment we cover.  Market Surveys can also be performed by request of the distributor or manufacturer.

Sales Performance:

We constantly monitor sales performance by accurate preplanning followed by precise execution of our short and long term marketing plans and goals.  Should we fall off track or the marketing situation change, the plan is simply readjusted to meet the new challenges that stand in the way of sales.  Sales and marketing is our profession…there is no substitute for proper planning and setting of goals followed by periodic reviews, readjustment and realignment.  Sales and marketing is an ever-changing field…and Bellon Sales is prepared to react!

Direct Mail:

Bellon Sales Associates is fully capable of direct mail programs from conception to execution.  We have active mailing lists of distributor purchasing and sales people to the end user that buys the product.  These lists are updated daily in order to insure accuracy as the distributor sales force changes and new businesses open.  We compile our data from a host of sources including distributor food shows, sales meetings, national conventions, etc. in order to get our message out to both the sales force as well as the product end user.  From start to finish…Bellon has you covered!

Local Shows:

Bellon Sales Associates participates in all local distributor and trade related events and shows that have historically proven to be mutually beneficial and drive sales.  As with all events of this type…there is a need to pick and choose the best available venue for the specific marketing goal to be accomplished. 

Visits by Factory Personnel:

Bellon Sales Associates welcomes visits from factory personnel with a minimum 30-day advance notice.  We require that all visits from Regional Managers that require distributor sales calls are preceded by a list of desired call locations as well as specifically what goals we are there to accomplish.  As it is imperative that we accomplish as many of the expectations and goals of the factory personnel as well as the distributor in a very limited time frame, preplanning is a must!  Due to time limitations, all factory visits are to last no more than two working days.  Longer visits for training or task specific reasons may be arranged on an as needed basis.

Manufacturer Sponsored Seminars:

Bellon personnel would be happy to attend any factory sponsored seminars or sales training events as scheduling allows.  As much advance notice as possible would be preferred in order to ease scheduling conflicts.

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